Matthew McConaughey Hilariously Portrays Thanksgiving Dinner Fights in “SNL” Skit

Plenty of horrific things have come to light these past years, but they have been evident for centuries. Aside from COVID-19 basically shutting the world down two years ago, racism and insensitive prejudices have been present for longer than people would like to admit. And the great thing about NBC’s Saturday Night Live is the late-night tv show’s ability to light-heartedly expose triggering societal issues.

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One of their triggering, but honest episodes actually dates back to 2015. SNL’s Thanksgiving episode that year, hosted by Matthew McConaughey and featuring musical guest, Adele, called out what Thanksgiving dinners can be like with ignorant relatives in a hilarious skit called “A Thanksgiving Miracle.” Of course, the playfulness shines through the cringe-worthy conversations in an innocent little girl who saves Thanksgiving with one action: playing Adele’s hit song, “Hello.”

“A Thanksgiving Miracle” on Saturday Night Live

Featuring cast members Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah, Cecily Strong, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Vanessa Bayer, this hilarious sketch is relatable to how the dinner table at Thanksgiving can turn a family gathering into a warzone. But what better way to remedy the rising intensity than turning it into a musical montage. And of course, anyone would know that you can’t not totally immerse yourself in belching out Adele’s song.

Thanksgiving dinners are supposed to be for bringing people together in love and kindness. The holidays are not just moments restricted to just families and friends, but also for opportunities to bring in new strangers who need communities. Bickering at the dinner table only causes more division, but it comes from the inability to listen.

I’m not trying to give a whole philosophy lesson here, and SNL’s skit is, as usual, very funny. However, I can’t help but think about the blessed home that I get to go to every year, where all are welcome. My parents always hold Thanksgiving at their house, my childhood home, and I will always treasure that it is filled with as many people that it can hold.

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