Steve Harvey’s Reactions to the Dumbest Answers Given on Family Feud Are Gold

I’m sure Family Feud host Steve Harvey is pretty mindful that he has one of the most entertaining career choices out there. He’s probably constantly reminded by the mix of Family Feud answers contestants will give on the game show. But how could you not expect the dumbest answers when you emcee a popular game show, that puts normal people on the spot by making them guess popular survey answers, essentially baselessly revealing their intelligence on national television? I just think that Steve Harvey didn’t realize the magnitude of how dumb some of these funny answers could actually be.

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If you wanted to hear all the dumbest answers Steve Harvey has heard throughout his career as a Family Feud game show host, you actually don’t have to watch every single episode to do so now. Luckily, back in November 2019, Family Feud posted a Youtube video of the dumbest answers contestants have given on the show. It’s 21 minutes of the funniest Family Feud answers, and that’s not even the best part.

The best part is Steve Harvey’s reactions to these wonderfully good answers. I mean, when you realize how the contestants came to the answer they gave, suddenly it’s not necessarily the dumbest answer you’ve ever heard. This game show fails can actually be seen as creative if you look at it from a different perspective, seemingly from one of the contestants.

But Steve Harvey’s reactions just really top the cake. Again, I’m sure he’s most definitely consistently reminded of why he has an incredibly entertaining career. I’m sure he was about to cough up a lung from laughing so hard at one of the answers.

The letter h, porcupines, and the White House have never been taken so much out of context before. But trust me, just watch the video. These are prize Family Feud moments.


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