Terri Irwin Made a Loving Pact With Husband Steve Irwin Before His Death

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Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin brought wildlife education to a whole new level. The wildlife expert did was most of us would never dare to do. And because of that, we were fascinated. He risks his life many times before that fatal stingray barb in Queensland. But before his tragic death, and his wife Terri made a pact in case something would happen to either of them.

The Australia Zoo

Terri Irwin made a pact with her crocodile hunting late husband Steve that if he were to go before her, she would carry on the work he did. She and their children have continued the conservationist projects, including a ten-year plan. The plan includes running the Australia Zoo and its multiple conservation projects and wildlife hospitals. In the 13 years since her husband’s death, she has also continued the tv work to fund the Australia Zoo.

Since Steve’s death, Terri Irwin hasn’t even been on a date. She was recently linked to a friend, Russell Crowe. After his death, Terri stated he was the first to offer his condolences when he heard the news and was the first to reach out to her. Turning down rumors she stated,

 “I think the most flattering would be Russell [Crowe] because he is such a good person and a very good friend to our family, and I actually do really love him because he loved Steve and they were such good friends.”

Wildlife Warriors

She claims that she’s had her happily ever after and doesn’t need anything else in her life besides her two kids, Robert Irwin and Bindi Irwin. Continuing the work of the crocodile hunter and her husband’s legacy brings a whole new joy to her life. She noted, “Steve was someone who was larger than life and really did live life to the fullest. Even though he died at 44 years of age, he lived such a full life, and that’s what I want to do and share.”

Another part of Terri’s ten-year plan was keeping up with the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. Wildlife Warriors is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 by Terri and Steve Irwin to conserve wildlife and wildlife species. Thanks to Terri, Robert, Bindi, and supporters of the Wildlife Warriors and Australia Zoo, there may be a little less of the environment to have to worry about.

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