‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Star John Larroquette Was Paid in Weed

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Videos by Rare

Actor John Larroquette agreed to narrate the prologue to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for nothing. Well, at least “nothing” when it came to being paid in money.

Instead, he was paid with weed, he confirmed.

The slasher flick came out in 1974, terrorizing everyone in Texas and beyond. It started with a budget of $100,000. It’s made more than $30 million. And Larroquette hasn’t seen a dime — unless you count a dime bag, of course.

“Totally true,” he said in an interview with Parade.

Larroquette actually met Massacre director Tobe Hooper in 1969, when Larroquette was working as a bartender in Colorado and the two struck up a conversation. Eventually, Hooper called and asked for his help with the movie.

All he needed was for Larroquette to lend his voice for about an hour.

“I said ‘Fine!’ It was a favor,” Larroquette said.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Trailer

Of course, there wasn’t a whole lot of money to go around at the moment.

“He gave me some marijuana or a matchbox or whatever you called it in those days,” Larroquette said. “I walked out of the studio and patted him on the back side and said, ‘Good luck to you!’”

When it comes to slasher flicks, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre became a massive success, with the mask-wearing Leatherface frightening folks for generations. The movie has spawned multiple sequels and remakes since its original release.

All the while, Larroquette has offered his voice. But these days, he receives a different kind of green for his efforts.

“You do something for free in the 1970s and get a little money in the ‘90s,” he said. “It’s certainly the one credit that’s stuck strongly to my resume.”

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