The Internet is Shocked Bon Jovi’s Name Isn’t Actually Bon Jovi

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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Jon Bon Jovi is a legend of rock ‘n’ roll, a guitarist and singer whose name at first had been attached to a 1980s hair band. He then grew into a respected and versatile songwriter.

Bon Jovi, is what his band is called.

Only his name isn’t really Bon Jovi. And it seems many of the loudest voices on social media are…well, stunned.

“So I’ve just had a look to see what the bon stands for in Jon Bon Jovi’s name. I was secretly hoping that it would be Jonathan Bonothan Jovi,” said TikToker @ponderingjon.

“But it turns out it’s Francis and his last name is Bongiovi. How do I not know that?”

That’s a good question. How can you not know in the world of Google searches and the age of Wikipedia? Then again, this isn’t exactly The Age of the Attention Span.

“Livin’ On A Prayer”

Anyway, there’s more. Our pal @ponderingjon was not alone.

“It’s like the time I learned that the l in Samuel L Jackson was LEROY,” responded one user.

Added another, “Wait so it’s actually his name?” He may be the only guy in Hollywood with his own name.”

Another wrote, “Jonathan Bonathan sounds good to me. That was my secret hope as well, but I’m not mad at this.”

On and on it went.

But what really makes this story great (and perhaps the only thing) is that no less than Bon Jovi himself liked the video. “He actually liked the video, I don’t know what to do!!” @ponderingjon pondered aloud.

Bon Jovi Isn’t Bon Jovi?

@ponderingjon What the Bon stands for!! @bonjovi #bonjovi ♬ original sound – Jon

Bon Jovi didn’t actually choose the name for himself. But back in the 1970s, music executives decided the name Francis Bongiovi wasn’t all that marketable. So they went with something that rolls off the tongue a little more easily.

As for those on social media who are just now learning all this, they are shocked that information is everywhere. It’s actually hard to escape.

With that in mind, you could even say this much about them: They’re to blame, and they give the Internet a bad name.

“You Give Love a Bad Name”

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