Hilarious Deleted Scenes From ‘The Office’ That Should Have Been on TV

When The Office left Netflix for good, most people were disappointed. In 2020 alone, The Office had been streamed cumulatively for 57,1 27 billion minutes — that’s 108,6167 years! 108,6167 years worth of Michael Scott-isms, of Jim’s pranks, and of Dwights complaints. An eternity of Dunder Mifflin. Clearly, most Netflix users felt at home switching on The Office and settling into the regular familiarity of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Years after the TV show’s finale, The Office continued to reign television through the birth of streaming, binging, and the Netflix empire. So what does an Office fandom even look like, in 2021, without the easy access of that omnipresent app?

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Peacock, NBC’S own new streaming service, is trying to figure that out. As the new official home of the beloved sitcom, Peacock is airing 201 episodes of the nine Office seasons, Peacock has added deleted scenes, bloopers, and special “superfan episodes” that feature extended cuts from the dysfunctional paper company. The bonus material includes new storylines, scrapped cold opens, and more. But still, you might not be enticed to purchase an entirely new streaming service just to geek out on The Office.

Ads by Kate Flannery, who plays Meredith, have tried to drum up excitement over the new Office additions. Still, Peacock has struggled since its mid-pandemic launch last year. It looks like The Office is the only thing keeping the service afloat. Currently, Peacock is offering free viewing of The Office until March 24 — just two more days! — as another way to gain a following. But is The Office alone enough to make you switch entertainment providers? Peacock subscribers may not realize that many of The Office’s deleted scenes are also available to watch, now and free, on YouTube. Check out the hilarious collection of extra footage below.

Deleted Scenes from Season 3

In these never-before-seen clips from Season 3, Creed lives inside of the office, Pam and Jim flirt some more, Kevin dons a Sombrero, and Angela meets her dream man at Phyllis’ wedding.

‘The Matrix’ Cold Open

Kevin’s Ice Cream Stand

Jim Scares Dwight

Creed Investigates Oscar

Kelly and Erin’s Music Video

This music video has actually always been available online, as web-exclusive content during the original run of The Office. But it’s still pretty great for those who haven’t seen!

Original Casting Tapes

Before Rainn Wilson was chosen, many big names tried out to play Dwight Schrute. Some of them will surprise you.

Behind the Pilot

Season 2 Bloopers

Season 3 Bloopers

Season 4 Bloopers

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