Tide’s Jason Alexander Commercial Was the Best Super Bowl Ad, Hands Down

The NFL’s Super Bowl LV was unconventional, to say the least. After such a painful and tragic year, many major companies — like Budweiser, Kia, and Planter — opted out of their usual Super Bowl ad time, instead of using the money on charitable donations. But honestly, we’re glad that Tide detergent did not. Because their weird commercial centering around the plight of a Jason Alexander hoodie was the best Super Bowl commercial this year.

The Tide Ad, Featuring “Jason Alexander Hoodie”


Set to the theme song from the 80’s TV show The Greatest American Hero, “Believe It or Not”, every aspect of Tide’s Super Bowl LV Commercial was straight-up bizarre. The premise: a mom implores her teenage son, for the love of God, to throw his favorite hoodie in the wash. (His infuriating response? “Looks clean to me.”) We’ve all been there. But for most people, their comfiest clothing item does not include a screen print of Seinfeld star Jason Alexander. As the commercial flashes back to the sweatshirt’s painfully unsanitary journey, Alexander’s face contorts through a cycle of hilarious expressions. And true to his sitcom roots, the clip concludes with a cameo from Alexander himself — all riled up in a typical fit of George Costanza-style fury.

Honestly, this one-minute video is an excellent and memorable format to introduce Tide Hygienic Clean to consumers. Alexander’s pained facial expressions will stick with viewers to remember just how much invisible dirt we experience on a day-to-day basis. (Then again, during the pandemic it’s hard to forget.) Still, it’s a major win for Tide; the company managed to produce a segment more entertaining than The Weeknd’s entire halftime show.

Want the Jason Alexander Hoodie? You’re Not Alone.

Naturally, the new Tide Super Bowl ad blew up on social media, with Seinfeld fans frantically searching out where to buy the incredible Jason Alexander hoodie. For now, it’s not available online although you can enter this raffle, here on the #TideHoodie website, in hopes of winning the one and only iconic sweatshirt. All proceeds go to Feeding America. Personally, I’m entering, after all, it’s for a good cause. Although I suspect that swarms of savvy T-shirt designers will have their own knock-off Jason Alexander merch up online soon. For now, check out some similar items like Nicolas Cage pillows (full disclosure: I have more than one), Nicolas Cage ornaments, or a Sam Elliott face mask.

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