Tim Allen Once Told Blake Shelton He Wanted to Sleep With His Then Wife Miranda Lambert

The ‘Home Improvement’ star isn’t as handy with the English language as he is with his tools.

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Videos by Rare

Home Improvement star Tim Allen isn’t as handy with the English language as he is with his tools. Especially “his” tools, if you catch our drift.

Specifically, the former DUI convict and drug trafficker let it slip on Ellen in November 2012 that he wanted to bang Miranda Lambert. Little did the dingbat know that she was married to Blake Shelton at the time.

Tim Allen’s remark about Lambert wasn’t the only idiotic comment he made on Ellen, either.

Tim Allen Visits Ellen

Ellen DeGeneres started the guest appearance on a light note, typical of her now-defunct talk show. She congratulated Allen on the success of his recently launched ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, noting that Allen’s show had a lucky lead-in thanks to Reba McEntire’s Malibu Country program.

“She’s just wonderful,” Tim Allen said to Ellen DeGeneres. “I talked to her husband in Nashville. I meant to say, ‘She’s so easy to work with.’ What came out was, ‘She’s so easy.’ And [Reba McEntire’s] husband said, ‘That’s why we had to move from Nashville.’ This is a series of missteps I did at the Country Music Awards, where she and I gave [the award for] entertainer of the year.”

Allen continued to reminisce about his miscalculations. His next gaffe stemmed from Tim Alley’s frustration at not being able to watch the ceremony because the 6’5” Blake Shelton, sat in front of him, blocking Allen’s view of the stage.

Tim Allen Starts Beef — on Accident — with Blake Shelton

Allen and Shelton actually got along swimmingly at first, with the former telling the latter that he is a fan of not just The Voice — which features Shelton as a coach — but of the country-music singer himself.

Alas, the good feelings didn’t last too long. Allen said Miranda Lambert blew him away at the awards show. However, Tim Allen said he was unfamiliar with Miranda Lambert and unaware she was Shelton’s spouse.

“Shelton turned around and said, ‘Boy, I’d like to tap that.’ And I said, ‘Me too!’ I get that look that says, ‘That’s my wife!’ But like a comic, I said, ‘Lemme finish!’ So we haven’t spoken since. But she’s really good.”

Tim Allen should probably still be counting his blessings that Blake Shelton didn’t take him out to the toolshed, if you catch our drift.

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