TJ Holmes Officially Files for Divorce Amid Amy Robach’s Affair

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Are TJ Holmes and Amy Robach making their affair official? Just two days after being spotted cozying up together in the airport, TJ Holmes has filed for divorce from his wife. The Hollywood couple has been the topic of hot gossip after inappropriate flirting that got them taken off of Good Morning America.

TJ Holmes Officially Calls it Quits With Wife Marilee Fiebig… After Traveling With Amy Robach Over Holidays

According to Page Six, TJ Holmes filed divorce paperwork on Wednesday after 12 years of marriage to attorney Marilee Fiebig. Holmes and Fiebig had a daughter, Sabine, in January 2013. They’d managed to stay together despite multiple infidelities on TJ’s part.

Fiebig reportedly was “blindsided” and “devastated” when she heard about her husband’s newest affair with Amy Robach. Insiders relayed these feelings to Page Six, reiterating that the immigration lawyer had just spent time that August with Holmes for his birthday. When the Robach affair news broke, Fiebig was under the impression that she and Holmes were trying to “work things out.”

TJ reportedly had another affair with GMA producer Natasha Singh beginning in 2016. Marilee found out about the cheating in 2019 but stayed with him anyway. And in what now can be construed as a lame effort at feigning loyalty to his wife, he wrote her a belated 10-year anniversary tribute stating she had “plenty of reasons” to leave him. She probably should have gotten a divorce then, because less than two years later, TJ Holmes was cheating yet again, and with another coworker.

Holmes’ Divorce Comes Amid Affair That Goes Back for Months

Holmes and Robach have always had onscreen chemistry, but what started as professional quickly became lusty. They allegedly began seeing each other while training for the New York City marathon after informing their spouses of their intentions to separate.

Amy Robach reportedly moved out of her home with her husband, Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue, this past August. Like Holmes and Fiebig, Robach married her husband in 2010. Oddly enough, both couples were often seen double-dating prior to the affair. So, it’s not surprising that things got shady, as Robach and Holmes were seeing a lot of each other.

After Robach moved out, although still married, she and Holmes started getting hounded by the paparazzi. They were spotted going in and out of Robach’s apartment, cozying together over drinks (as far back as May, allegedly), and packing up their car during a cabin getaway. Holmes was photographed lovingly patting Robach’s butt and the two have been obviously smitten with each other.

They Were Suspended from Good Morning America After Nonstop On-Screen Flirting

However, the Good Morning America co-hosts may have taken everything a bit too far. Earlier this month, GMA producers took them off the air when news of their scandalous affair broke the internet. It wasn’t just that the affair was being talked about in the news. The two lovebirds were joking and flirting incessantly with each other on TV, too.

Just days before GMA suddenly suspended Robach and Holmes from the show, the two began a morning segment by referencing the tabloid gossip about their relationship.

“You know, it’s too bad it’s Friday. It’s been a great week,” Holmes said, prompting giggles from Robach. “I just want this one to keep going and going and going. Just enjoy it. Take it all in.”

“Speak for yourself,” Robach responded. “I’m excited about the weekend. And I’m sure everyone else is too. We all love our Fridays around here. Some of us do, at least.”

Later during the show, co-host Dr. Jennifer Ashton was talking about art therapy as a way to reduce stress. Robach then joked that they “should get an art desk,” and Holmes added, “We are taking art classes this weekend, Dr. Ashton.” The joke, to those paying attention, seemed to obviously be about sex.

Holmes and Robach Recently Spotted at Airport, Seemed Annoyed at Paparazzi

More evidence has continued to appear now that internet sleuths are aware of the ongoing affair. For instance, footage as far back as March shows Robach and Holmes joking that they were “both finishers” while speaking about the marathon. We might be reading too far into this, but it’s possible that they’ve been in love for quite some time.

Regardless of when the affair began, it’s clear that the GMA hosts have no plans to stop seeing each other. They were seen at the Atlanta airport Monday morning, the day after Christmas, looking at Robach’s phone. Page Six published a 40-second video of the pair.

In the video, Amy Robach is wearing a long black coat and Holmes is wearing a tight-fitting white shirt. Robach keeps glancing over Holmes’ shoulder, possibly at whoever was taking the video, and gestures. Holmes looks back for a second and then seems to walk over to the paparazzi before the video ends.

It seems that these two just don’t care what the world thinks. Hopefully, it’s true love because they’re still suspended from Good Morning America pending an investigation. They’ve ditched their spouses, which TJ Holmes has made clear with his divorce filing. But do they want to ditch their jobs? We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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  1. They did not break any rules with their tryst. They had separated from their respective spouses before the relationship became physical. Their work did not suffer any deviations from their normal work ethic. You were absolutely right in choosing Amy Robach over Laura Spencer. Don’t ruin the extra vibe Amy gives the station.They were a pleasure to watch and added levity to a very serious and stiff team of co anchors. I have watched ABC news for over 45 years and if you pull them I will switch to another station like The Today show or another as there are plenty to choose from.

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