Tom Pelphrey Says Life with Kaley Cuoco and Their Newborn Is ‘Like Heaven”

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New dad Tom Pelphrey couldn’t be happier with his home life.

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In a conversation with People, the Love & Death actor opened up about co-parenting his first child, Matilda, with girlfriend Kaley Cuoco.

“It’s amazing. It’s heaven, it’s challenging at times,” said Pelphrey “It’s the most beautiful thing ever.”

However, he added that he wouldn’t be able to handle parenthood without the Big Bang Theory actress at his side.

“I’m so grateful to have a partner who I love to do it with because just two days with a baby in the house and I think of parents who are raising kids by themselves, and I don’t even understand how they do it,” the Ozark star said. “My respect for single parents has gone through the roof.”

Tom Pelphrey Is One Proud Dad!

According to Tom Pelphrey, becoming a dad has changed him in ways he never expected, especially when it comes to fatherly instincts.

“It really has been surprising to me that it feels intuitive,” he explained. “There’s just something about how to hold her and how to burp her and intuiting what she wants sometimes when she’s upset.”

He continued, “That surprises me because I’ve been around a bunch of babies and I have nieces that I love that I was pretty comfortable with. But for the most part, it was like, ‘Oh, don’t hand me that baby. I don’t want to break it.’ And it hasn’t felt that way at all with Matilda. So that’s been a surprise in a good way.”

The celebrity dad also said that he couldn’t wait to show off his daughter to family and friends.

“I really am excited for all of the holidays, eventually going to the East Coast and her getting to meet the rest of my family and my friends there,” he said. “And it really does just makes everything magical again.”

Tom Honors Kaley Cuoco on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, Pelphrey added a heartwarming post about Kaley Cuoco on Instagram. He included a carousel of adorable photos showing some of the actress’s sweetest mommy moments with baby Matilda.

“Happy Mother’s Day to my endlessly incredible partner,” reads the caption. “Matilda’s mom is the funniest, kindest, bravest and most beautiful bad-ss mom. Matilda also has two grandmas, (and a great grandma!!) and she is incredibly fortunate to be surrounded and loved by some of the most amazing, strong, independent women there are.”

Cuoco has also gushed over her boyfriend’s parenting skills, calling Matilda “Daddy’s girl.”

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