Couple Leaves Crowd in Awe With Flawless “Stand By Me” Dance

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

I love everything to do with interpretive dancing. I think it’s very different from any other dance because the artist and the dancer basically have to connect with the song and lyrics to create the perfect dance. Especially if it’s two people because you know they have to both connect in some way or another to make the dance perfect. Like in this case, where two dancers, Josh Tsosh and Alisa Tsitseronova nailed their own dance version of Stand by Me by Ben E. King.

Safe to say the couple took their dance moves to a whole different level. I seriously got chills while watching their whole choreography. The two choreographed the beautiful dance at UDC, also known as The Urban Dance Camp. Every step clearly involved so many feelings. The UDC is the world’s foremost dance-intensive education. The annual international workshop event takes place over a span of 3 incredible weeks, offering more than 77 classes for intermediate and advanced dancers.

A Flawless Routine of “Stand By Me!”

Professional dancers, youtube stars, and international choreographers all come from all over the world including America, Asia, and Europe to join each year to get the highest standard of teaching. The only restriction is that those participating have to at least be 15-year-old. The camp is perfect for any teacher, dancer, or choreographer who wants to learn more.

In come Alisa and Josh stealing the limelight, leaving everyone in awe with their beautiful dance. They both move so delicate and beautifully in sync with every gentle step, while matching every lyric that is being sung to their unique steps and expressions.

The dance ends in a flawless final movement with their arms wrapped around each other as they smile to those watching them perform. Of course, as expected, the crowd slowly cheered for them both because well, it was FLAWLESS. The dance actually won the Performance of the year in 2017 from UDC, and I can totally see why. THE TALENT!!

Editors Note: This article was originally published on May 21, 2021.

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