‘View’ Hosts Mock Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s New Netflix Doc

The Sussexes can’t seem to stem the ceaseless stream of vitriol from tabloids and TV personalities.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry can’t seem to dodge the unending stream of vitriol that tabloids and outspoken media personalities, including those on The View.

Late last week, the Sussexes sent the Internet reeling with glimpses of their upcoming Netflix docuseries, which promises to provide a candid look at their lives behind the scenes. But the hosts of The View, who don’t have any sympathy for Harry and Meghan, only saw the trailer as another opportunity to spew vitriol at them.

A View to a Kill

The main criticism from co-host Sunny Hostin and the other View personalities centered around the timing of the trailer’s release, as the New York Post noted. They bandied about the conspiratorial-sounding theory that the prince and duchess timed the release of the trailer to disrupt Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton’s recent U.S. tour.

They called the timing of the trailer’s release “smart marketing” on the part of Harry and Meghan.

Hostin accused the couple of essentially lying to the public, calling BS on their requests for privacy, per the New York Post.

Ana Navarro agreed, reportedly saying: “I gotta tell you something: If what they want is privacy and to get away from the royal family, they got a hell of a way of doing it.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, meanwhile, reportedly said the two had “already told their story” in their Oprah interview last year.

Another View personality, Joy Behar, agreed. “Do we really care? We’re dealing with election deniers and anti-Semites,” referring to Donald Trump and Kanye West’s latest jaw-dropping tirades.

Netflix hasn’t yet announced a release date for Harry & Meghan. But when it does come out, expect the View hosts, Megyn Kelly — and the royal couple’s most disgusting critic of them all, Piers Morgan — to use it as another opportunity to excoriate them.

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