Is Vin Diesel Leaving The ‘Fast and the Furious Franchise?

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While it was previously reported that this summer’s action spectacle Fast X was going to be the final film in the Fast and the Furious franchise, star Vin Diesel revealed in a recent interview with Fandango that the new film will be the beginning of the end. While being interviewed alongside co-star Michelle Rodriguez at the sequel’s premiere in Rome on May 12, Diesel stated that there may be two more films in the franchise. It was recently revealed that an 11th Fast and Furious film was likely to be released in 2025, but a 12th is a complete shock.

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When asked about the future of his iconic character Dominic Toretto, and if he’ll be seen outside of the Fast and Furious franchise, Diesel told Fandango, “It’s a really good question. As filmmakers, though, you want to allow people to enjoy the film without tipping the hat too much. I can say this: going into making this movie, the studio had asked if this can be a two-parter. And after the studio saw this part one, they said ‘could you make Fast X, the finale, a trilogy?'” Rodriguez adds, “It’s three acts in any story.”

Fast X May Be the First Part of a Trilogy

After revealing this surprising news, the interviewer begins to become extremely excited and wants the stars to confirm that there will indeed be two more films in the popular action franchise. However, Diesel and Rodriguez flee from the scene, with Diesel shouting from afar that he was “going to get in trouble.” The video, which has gone viral on Twitter, ends with the interviewer announcing, “I love you, Vin Diesel!”

A very special aspect of Fast X is that the daughter of the late star of the franchise, Paul Walker, will make an appearance in the film. Meadow Walker, 24, posted on Instagram about her excitement over appearing in the film, writing, “The first fast was released when I was one year old! I grew up on set watching my father, Vin, Jordana, Michelle, Chris and more on the monitors. Thanks to my dad, I was born into the fast family. I can’t believe now I get to be up there too. With those who have been around to see me grow up.”

Fast X will feature Jason Momoa as a new villain hellbent on destroying Dominic once and for all. The film hits theaters on May 19.

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