These Vintage Vinyl Record Carrying Cases Will Take You Back in Time

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In this day and age, all of our music is accessed online. For those who still have their vinyl records, I’m sure you remember what you kept your vinyl albums in. Some of you might currently use a storage cabinet, record shelf, display stand, record rack, or a magazine rack, but you should protect your music in a carrying case.

Now, think back to the good ol’ days. If you had a carrying case, you were probably the DJ at all of your high school and college parties. It’s crazy now that someone just needs Bluetooth or an aux cord to be the person providing all the music at a party. If you need a place for your vinyl records, it’s time for a new LP record carrying case.

Best Vinyl Record Cases

1. ClearClick Handmade Wooden Record Storage Carrying Case 30+ Records

ClearClick Handmade Wooden Record Storage Carrying Case 30+ Records


This vinyl record case is the perfect record holder for your vinyl collection. It’s made from wood and faux leather for a classic retro look. If your favorite records are collecting dust in the garage or on a vinyl record storage rack, you’ll enjoy this.

2. Victrola Vintage Vinyl Record Storage Carrying Case

Victrola Vintage Vinyl Record Storage Carrying Case


Dust your LP vinyl record collection off because this record case will take you down memory lane. If you have a storage rack you’re currently using, this record case will put it to shame. The carry handle is made from high-quality material, and the record storage box safely stores 30+ records. Customers love the size of the record sleeves.

The aqua turquoise color makes it a great piece to use as home decor.

3. Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case

The Beatles Case


This record carrier case comes in six different designs, including a case with The Beatles on it. It doesn’t get more vintage than The Beatles, y’all. This heavy-duty vinyl record holder can hold up to 30 albums. Whatever record crate you’re using now can be used for storing something else, because this one is a must-have for vintage record collectors.

Customer reviews are fantastic. A customer gave the case five stars and said, “I love this box! I am so happy that I found it! I have a record player and was taking my records in a bag to my campings. Now the records are safe and in a very sturdy, groovy box.”

4. Tunes-tote Vinyl Record Storage Case

Vinyl Record Storage CASE


If you want a groovy design for your collectibles, you might want to go with this one. The case holds up to 50 vinyl LPs! This retro design also gives you a reason to leave it on display. It would make a cute home decor piece in your living room.

5. Retround Vintage Retro Vinyl Leather Record Holder Case

Retround Vintage Retro Vinyl Leather Record Holder Case


This vinyl carrying case comes in five different colors and can hold up to 45 of your favorite 78 rpm, 45 rpm, and 33 rpm vinyl records.

If you’re running out of shelving or don’t have any vinyl storage, these carrying cases are the way to go. If you think you’d ever be willing to give away your vinyl, you’ll have all of your records in one safe place ready to go, instead of collecting dust on a record stand.

Vintage record-holders are ideal for keeping your records safe and organized. Take them on the go if you’d like to sell them to a record store, or easily take them to a family gathering where many might want to listen to some classics on a record player or turntable.

This post was originally published on August 15, 2019.

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