Watch Kristen Bell Get Insanely Flustered by Jason Momoa

Kristen Bell has definitely got some kind of thing for Jason Momoa. The two were simultaneously interviewed on The Late Late Show with James Corden. It’s hard to tell exactly how flustered Kristen Bell was and how much was just a joke—but she admitted to being a huge fan of the Aquaman actor.

“Kristen, you’re a big fan of Jason Momoa?” asked Corden.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

“Yeah, but I’ve played it really cool backstage, so let’s not get too…” she replied, trailing off.

It seems that Momoa got a kick out of this, because very shortly after, he casually put his arm around the back of Kristen Bell’s chair.

Kristen Bell’s Husband Has Dressed Up As Jason Momoa’s GOT Character For Halloween

Bell and her husband apparently are both Momoa fans, as it turns out. She immediately starts talking about how the two of them have dressed up as the Game of Thrones characters for multiple years.

“I definitely don’t think he knows that we were him and Khaleesi for Halloween a bunch of years in a row,” Bell said. “Or that we definitely went to the Season 6 premiere, uh, my husband and I… in tank tops that said ‘It’s Dark in the Streets, Wildling in the Sheets,’ covered in like, Boratheon tattoos from Etsy…”

Corden then asked if Momoa could pick up on Bell’s fanning and he said he had no clue.

“She was totally cool. I had no idea that you were a huge fan. That’s beautiful. What a woman. That’s an honor,” said Momoa.

He then strokes Bell’s shoulder and she jumps a little.

The conversation then segued to Momoa’s hernia surgery and how he can’t do sit-ups.

“Trying to keep that Dad Bod going for a little bit longer,” Momoa quipped as he started patting his stomach. Bell, at this point, has the widest eyes you’ve ever seen and starts touching her own stomach.

“You can’t say you’ve got a Dad Bod,” responds Corden.

“He can say whatever he wants,” Bell interjected.

And it keeps going. Bell starts talking about the “rhythm” coming from Momoa and he inches a little bit closer. He seems to be getting a kick out of the whole thing, too.

It’s probably all just jokes, guys, but you really should watch the clip. You can’t really blame Kristen Bell.

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