Watch Shaq Get Brutally Shoved Into a Christmas Tree While on Air

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

TNT’s Inside the NBA is nominated for awards every year and has even won a few. And it’s not just because the likes of host Ernie Johnson and former NBA players and current analysts Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Shaquille O’Neal talk basketball.

Mostly, they just have fun on the set.

Yes, they have basketball opinions and plenty of them. But they are clearly entertainers first and probably second, and analysts after that.

This could be evidenced by a recent night on the program when Smith playfully gave the much larger Shaq a shove — right into the massive Christmas tree on the set.

It was the result of a foot race, in which Smith was looking for an advantage. O’Neal fell aside, then disappeared into the tree.

“That was bad right there,” Barkley said from the set, repeating himself. “That was bad.”

Shaq Get Brutally Shoved Into a Christmas Tree While on Air

Eventually, Johnson and Barkley made their way over to the tree, offering O’Neal a helping hand as Smith celebrated on the stage behind the set.

O’Neal got to his feet, with some pep in his step, a large smile and some laughter.

“This means war, Kenny,” he said as the music cued up a commercial break. “This means war.”

On the bright side, at least none of the presents in the large red bag that read “Shaq-a-Claus” on the side appeared to be damaged.

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