When Will ‘Princess Diaries 3’ Be Released?


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Videos by Rare

In the event you think the world needs another sequel to the Princess Diaries, fear not. One is on the way.

It’s true, as The Princess Diaries 3 is reportedly in development, something that has been confirmed by no less than actress Anne Hathaway.

But it may take some patience, and eager fans will likely have to hang on a little longer, Hathaway informed People.

“We feel the exact same, and I know it’s probably very frustrating,” Hathaway said. “It’s a process that requires patience, and so everybody should consider themselves a part of the movie business now, because this is how long it actually takes to make things.”

Hathaway, 40, actually made her feature film debut in the first installment of The Princess Diaries back in 2001, when she portrayed a teenager who learned she was heir to the throne of the European kingdom. She has been linked to the next chapter in the franchise for some time.

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The movie was directed by the late Garry Marshall, who indicated he wanted to make another Princess Diaries flick shortly before his death in 2016.

“It looks like we want to do Princess Diaries 3 in Manhattan,” Marshall told People before his death. “Anne Hathaway is very pregnant, so we have to wait until she has the baby and then I think we’re going to do it.”

Now, of course, someone else will need to direct the project, and while Julie Andrews has indicated she’d liked her role as Queen Clarisse, at 87 years old, it may not be in the cards.

“I think we know that it’s probably not going to be possible,” Andrews recently told Access Hollywood. “It was talked about very shortly after [the second sequel] came out, but it’s now how many years since then? And I am that much older, and Annie the princess, or queen, is so much older. And I am not sure where it would float or run.”

But, it seems, Hathaway has a different tale to tell when it comes to The Princess Diaries 3, and that yes, it may be a thing soon.

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