Where is the Original Cast of ‘Night Court’ as the Show Returns?

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In a true blast from the past fashion, NBC is bringing back an 80s favorite. Night Court, the sitcom about an eccentric judge and the hilarious antics in his Manhattan Municipal Court officially premiered on Tuesday. Harry Anderson, the actor who played Judge Harry T Stone, passed away in 2018. Here’s where the rest of the original Night Court cast is today.

Harry Anderson: Judge Harry T Stone

Harry Anderson sadly passed away from heart disease and influenza at age 65. He was at home in Asheville, North Carolina, when it happened. His character, Judge Harry T Stone, is being replaced with his fictional daughter, Judge Abby Stone (played by Melissa Rauch).

John Larroquette: Dan Fielding

John Larroquette is the only original cast member who has crossed over into the new Night Court series as far as we know. Larroquette will continue to play Dan Fielding, the sex-obsessed (and self-obsessed) assistant district attorney.

Everyone else in the new Night Court is an entirely new character as the series is staying true to real-time. Here is the scoop on the other OG actors we grew to love during the era of big hair and shoulder pads.

Richard Moll: “Bull” Shannon

Richard Moll played Bull, or more specifically, Aristotle Nostradamus “Bull” Shannon, one of the court’s bailiffs. Moll has continued his work in both acting and voice acting over the years. He played Hoagie in The Flintstones, the voice of Harvey Dent in three separate animated Batman series, and will star in the forthcoming horror movie, Whispers and Shadows. Moll was married and divorced twice, to Laura Class during his Night Court years and to Susan Brown from 1993 to 2005. He has two children but keeps his personal life very private.

Charlie Robinson: Mac Robinson


Charles Robinson played Mac Robinson, the show’s longest-lasting Manhattan Municipal Court’s clerk. He also directed a few Night Court episodes. Robinson continued acting and directing, primarily TV, until his death in July of 2021. He passed away from complications related to cancer, at the age of 75, at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. Some of his notable projects include Secret Santa and Miss Lettie and Me. He was survived by his third and widowed wife, Dolorita, four children, and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Markie Post: Christine Sullivan

Markie Post played Christine Sullivan, the public defender who replaced Billie Young. After Night Court, Post played a bail bondswoman on ABC’s The Fall Guy and Georgie on the CBS sitcom Hearts Afire. Post continued acting, with an emphasis on TV and TV movies, until 2019. She passed away from cancer while at home in Los Angeles in August 2021, at age 70. She was survived by her second and current husband, Michael Ross, and their two daughters.

Marsha Warfield: “Roz” Russell

Marsha Warfield played Rosalind “Roz” Russell, the courtroom’s other bailiff. Roz balanced out Bull Shannon’s naivete with her seriousness. Warfield went on to play herself in The Marsha Warfield Show and Dr. Maxine Douglas in NBC’s sitcom, Empty Nest. She has continued her career to present-day. Most recently, Warfield played Toni on 9-1-1. She’s also appeared in Caddyshack II, The Whoopee Boys, and Doomsday Rock. Warfield came out as gay in 2017 and currently advocates for LGBTQIA+ rights, racial equality, and feminist causes.

Joleen Lutz: Lisette Hocheiser

Joleen Lutz played court stenographer Lisette Hocheiser in Night Court’s later seasons. Lutz currently is married to Danny Hart and once told Jay Leno that she’s an animal expert. She’s appeared in CSI, Desperate Housewives, Port Charles, Takezo Sensei: Sword Saint, and Pushing Daisies. Lutz has 34 credits on IMDb with her most recent appearance in 2016 in the short film First Timers.

Ellen Foley: Billie Young

Ellen Foley played Billie Young, public defender in season 2 of Night Court. At one point, she was Judge Harry Stone’s love interest. Foley is a talented singer and actress and has made appearances on film and on stage. Prior to Night Court, she appeared in Hair at the Biltmore Theatre as well as the 1979 film. After playing Billie Young, Foley continued her singing and acting careers, appearing in Into the Woods at the Martin Beck Theatre in New York City, Ghostwriter, and Law & Order. Her most recent work was in the 2016 film No Pay, Nudity. Foley married writer and author Doug Bernstein in 1990 but otherwise keeps her private life out of the spotlight.

Denice Kumagai: Quon Le Robinson

Denice Kumagai played Quon Le Robinson, the Vietnamese love interest and eventual wife of Mac Robinson. After Night Court, Kumagai continued acting and voice acting. She has an extensive resume both on and off screen and has appeared in Gilmore Girls, Family Law, and done voice work for The Simpsons and King of the Hill. Most recently, Kumagai has focused on voice work as an ADR loop group coordinator for The Call of the Wild and Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming.

Karen Austin: Lana Wagner

Karen Austin played Lana Wagner, the court’s clerk in season 1. Wagner had romantic feelings for Judge Stone but was also engaged to someone else. After Night Court, Austin continued a successful career in TV and film. She has appeared in CSI: Miami, The Closer, The Rum Diary, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and most recently, 2015 horror flick The Wicked Within. In all, Austin has a whopping 105 acting credits to her name and is still considered active in the industry. She married and divorced Kris Slava but that relationship was long over by the time Night Court even started.

Paula Kelly: Liz Williams

Paula Kelly was public defender Liz Williams in season 1. Kelly received an Emmy nomination for her role in Night Court. After leaving, Kelly had a successful career in film and TV. She appeared in South Central, Once Upon a Time… When We Were Colored, and Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Kelly was also a talented vocalist and dancer and once performed a dance solo at the 41st Academy Awards. She married British film director Don Chaffey from 1985 to 1990 and they had a daughter together. Kelly passed away of heart failure in February 2020, at age 77.

Remembering Bailiffs Selma and Florence

Sadly, there are other original Night Court stars who have passed away. Selma Diamond played bailiff Selma Hacker but died in 1985 at the age of 64. Florence Halop played bailiff Florence Kleiner until her death in 1986 at age 63.

The new Night Court is currently in its first season and airs Tuesdays at 8/7 c on NBC. Episodes are also available on Peacock after they show on NBC.

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