Who Plays Harper on ‘The White Lotus’? Meet Aubrey Plaza!


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

You know her from her tired eye roll. You know her from her wry smile, which makes it tough to know whether she’s kidding — and, if so, when. But you might not know her name (or her real one, at least).

Pleased to Meet You Again, Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza’s first TV appearance was in a 2006 episode of 30 Rock. She played a page for the network — fittingly, as Plaza held that exact position at NBC while getting her start as an actor.

From April 2009 to February 2015, Aubrey Plaza cracked the mainstream with her droll delivery on Parks and Recreation. As part of the main cast, Plaza — who played apathetic office worker April Ludgate — appeared in all 125 episodes of the mockumentary-style NBC sitcom.

When the Parks and Rec powers-that-be got the gang back together again in March 2019 for its 10th-anniversary reunion, you bet Plaza participated. Along with her cast mates, Plaza said she’d be up for more episodes of the show — so long as series co-creator Michael Schur devised a new, original idea.

Meanwhile, Plaza got more attention this year for her starring role in the indie crime thriller Emily the Criminal.

Sorry, She’s Off the Market

In 2014, Aubrey Plaza starred in the zombie comedy Life After Beth, written and directed by Jeff Baena. While the film didn’t fare well at the box office or with critics, it led to wedding bells for Plaza and Baena.

Both entertainers attended New York University. Plaza graduated in 2006 and first appeared onscreen almost immediately, in two short films.

She and Baena started seeing each other in 2011 and got married in May 2021, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Aubrey Plaza, Lotus Eater

Fans of Plaza and/or The White Lotus perked up when they heard she’d be chewing the scenery in HBO’s sleeper hit. While creator/writer/director Mike White only intended for the comedy-drama to be a miniseries, plaudits from critics helped get it renewed for a second season.

Aubrey Plaza plays Harper Spiller, a curiously named lawyer who is wife to Will Sharpe’s rich entrepreneur, Ethan Spiller. Whereas the original The White Lotus took place in Hawaii, The White Lotus: Sicily centers around a chain of the same resort, this time based in…we’ll let Plaza finish that sentence.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, after Season 2 premiered on October 30, HBO renewed The White Lotus for a third season earlier this month, according to TVLine. Whether Aubrey Plaza will return is anyone’s guess at the moment, as Season 2 still has three more episodes to go.

After all, The White Lotus came out of the left field, and gave Jennifer Coolidge’s career a jolt for the better, and collected more trophies (five) than any other program at the most recent Primetime Emmy Awards.

If you’re still not sold on The White Lotus, check out the trailer for Season 2 above.

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