Whoopi Goldberg Goes Nuts After COVID Diagnosis: ‘This Will Kill You! What’s The Matter With You People?’

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Whoopi Goldberg nearly lost it on The View last week in response to critics of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci had just given his final parting message before officially stepping down from his post as Chief Medical Advisor to the POTUS. Goldberg, who just recovered from her second bout of COVID, directly addressed the public. “This will kill you,” she urged.

Dr. Fauci Urged Americans to Get Their Updated COVID Boosters Before Holidays

Dr. Fauci was speaking at a White House press conference on November 22. Reporters were asking questions about the efficacy of vaccines and why so many people had gotten sick this season. But Fauci calmly assured everyone that vaccines were effective and stood his ground.

“My message, and my final message may be the final message I give you from this podium is that please, for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated COVID 19 shot as soon as you’re eligible to protect yourself, your family and your community,” Fauci said. “I urge you to visit vaccine.gov to find a location where you can easily get an updated vaccine, and please do it as soon as possible.” 

The public expressed its outrage, which has been largely directed at Dr. Fauci. After all, he’s been the official spokesperson about COVID and vaccines over the last couple of years and throughout the entire pandemic.

Comments exploded across social media, with people calling Dr. Fauci a “liar,” and many accusing him of genocide. Some went so far as to say that he deserves to be tried at the Hague, referencing Nazi trials. Others said that they felt oppressed by all the COVID restrictions and rules, like social distancing, testing, and suggestions that they get vaccinated. Many of these conspiracies were egged on by Trump during his time in office due to his opinion that the economy wouldn’t have suffered with the restrictions. He also put blame on Dr. Fauci.

There is a large portion of the population that doesn’t take COVID seriously and thinks that this has all been one large government conspiracy, with Dr. Fauci as the front man.

The View Co-hosts Attribute Whoopi Goldberg’s COVID Vaccine, Boosters, to Saving Her Life

But Whoopi Goldberg expressed an entirely different opinion. Goldberg has been vaccinated and attributes her vaccines to be the reason why she isn’t dead right now. She thought that the public outrage expressed towards Fauci was completely unwarranted. Goldberg was missing from The View less than 2 weeks ago due to a recent diagnosis, so she’s likely still recovering (it can take months to fully recover from COVID if the lungs are scarred).

“That suggestion sent people’s heads exploding from outrage,” said Goldberg while speaking to her View co-hosts. “A lot of conservatives who posted about how much they hate Dr. Fauci. That they’d rather get COVID than ever test again. Let me explain something to you as somebody who has just come off it again. Yeah. Not a nice, light, because, you know… I came off a tough ass COVID, okay? You don’t want to get this. It’s not funny. You don’t want this. This will kill you. What’s the matter with you people?”

The View co-host Joy Behar chimed in at this point. “The reason it didn’t kill you is because you’ve been boosted.”

“Yes!” the Sister Act star agreed. Whoopi Goldberg has been a big advocate of COVID vaccines and safety procedures.

“Okay. If you’d not boosted, you could die,” Behar continued. “That’s the point. People write on Twitter or some place, ‘You see, Whoopi got it. And she has the vaccinations.’” Behar was referring to people who believe that vaccinations will make you more susceptible to coming down with COVID.

“Yeah, but Whoopi’s sitting there, she’s not in a casket,” Behar added. The View audience erupted into applause at this point.

Whoopi Goldberg Is Immunocompromised, Which Makes COVID Deadlier

Whoopi Goldberg then mentioned that she’s immunocompromised, which can make COVID a whole lot scarier. You can catch it more easily and get serious complications such as pneumonia more easily when immunocompromised.

“People who are immunocompromised. You know, I have to stay well so I don’t hurt anybody else,” Goldberg added. “This is how we take care of each other. I don’t understand how making a suggestion for making your life perhaps better for the holidays makes people crazy.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, The View’s newest co-host and the former White House Director of Strategic Communications under the Trump administration, also chimed in. Notably, she wanted to say something as a conservative because the top demographic of Fauci haters is conservative.

“I think a lot in my party blamed him for everything they disliked about COVID policies,” said Griffin. “But he’s not an economic adviser. So, if you don’t like that states closed down because of COVID or businesses closed down, that was not Dr. Fauci’s, an infectious disease doctor’s decision to do that or even things like discussions around masking.”

White House, American Physicians Urging “6-Week Sprint” For COVID, Flu Vaccines

During the press conference, Dr. Ashish Jha joined Dr. Fauci to urge Americans to get their boosters before the holidays. They described it as a “six-week sprint.” Dr. Jha is the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator.

“Today I want to focus on a new six-week sprint that the administration is announcing to get more Americans their updated shots before the cold and winter season really settles in,” said Dr Jha. He added that other organizations are working with the government in this effort.

“Just yesterday, twelve of America’s leading medical and clinical societies— I’m talking about the AMA. I’m talking about American College of Physicians, the American Association of Family Physicians. I’m not going to list all twelve. But they all joined together with one simple, strong recommendation for all Americans. Which is go get your updated COVID vaccine shot. And go get your annual flu shot. Right away. Now why did they do that? Why did America’s physicians, speaking as a unified voice, say that? Because they know the best way to save lives this holiday season is to ensure that all Americans, particularly seniors, get their updated COVID vaccine and their flu vaccine.”

Dr. Jha noted that 35 million have gotten their updated COVID vaccine including 16 million seniors. The six-week effort will “expand community-based COVID-19 vaccine efforts.” This includes allocating $350 million in funding for community health centers and $125 million for local aging and disability networks.

The CDC currently recommends COVID vaccines for all people 6months old and older. It recommends booster shots for all people 5 years old and older. For a list of FAQ and answers about the COVID vaccines and boosters, you can visit the CDC website here.

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  1. I would usually totally agree about vaccines, especially being a teacher and knowing the spread of so many deadly diseases are due to lack of vaccines. BUT!!! The first vaccine shot caused my heart to go into overdrive. I have a motor value prolapse which in the past has caused my heart rate to be elevated for no reason, but after the first vaccine I could barely walk around my house during my summer off without my heart rate going crazy. Even after being on medication it has steadied out, but seems like the more they up my meds, which I have never had to take even with preexisting condition, the more my heart rate messes up. No fun! I’ve also had 3 bouts with bronchitis that I’ve never had ever before. It left me totally wiped and drained all 3 times. And yes, I’m afraid to take another COVID vaccine. I don’t want to be in worse shape than I’m already in. I understand I could get COVID and it could be worse, but how do you determine? It’s so scary!

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