Whoopi Goldberg Under Fire, Again, For Repeating Holocaust Slur: ‘She Learned Nothing’

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Whoopi Goldberg is under fire again after she doubled down on patch Holocaust remarks. Several community members and Jewish activists are demanding that Goldberg face termination from The View, with several viewers on social media agreeing. The incident comes 10 months after getting suspended from the ABC daytime talk show for saying that the Holocaust was “not about race.” 

In an interview with UK paper, The Sunday Times, Goldberg showed little remorse for her past comments, arguing that the estimated 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust weren’t targeted based on their specific race.

Arsen Ostrovsky on Twitter

The View co-host also claimed that Nazis targeted African people along with Jews due to their physical differences, saying that Jews had an easier time blending in with White people. This is how they were “able to hide” from Nazis more than Black people did at the time of the Holocaust.

“It doesn’t change the fact that you could not tell a Jew on a street. You could find me. You couldn’t find them. That was the point I was making,” Goldbert said. “But you would have thought that I’d taken a big old stinky dump on the table, butt naked.”

The Times of Israel heavily called out Goldberg’s comments saying they were “incendiary”  and pointed out that while her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson, she has no Jewish ancestry and adopted a more “Jewish-sounding” name. 

Goldberg’s comments back in February came with a two-week suspension from the network. She went on to apologize to a Jewish Community after her suspension, which is when faith leaders, activists, and online critics encouraged her to educate herself on the topic. At that time they supported her return to the show. Now, seeing that she has a lack of remorse for her comments, some are calling for her termination overall. 

Jeff Jacoby on Twitter

“So, after supposed ‘apology’ earlier in the year, Whoopi Goldberg doubles down on her vile remarks that the Holocaust was not about race, and instead ‘white on white’ violence. Someone get this ignorant fool off the air!,” International Legal Forum CEO Arsen Ostrovsky stated on Twitter.

“Once again Whoopi insists on dismissing the Holocaust as a mere white-on-white crime, rather than the industrial-scale murder of Europe’s Jews. #Antisemitism — history’s oldest and most toxic hatred — is surging, but Whoopi is determined to trivialize it,” Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby added.

Lucy Lipiner on Twitter

Holocaust survivor, Lucy Lipiner, Also went on to scold Goldberg for continuing to speak on issues that she has no business using. “Whoopi Goldberg continues to use the Holocaust as her punching bag. We told her that her comments harm us and she simply doesn’t care,” Lipiner went on to say. 

“I survived the Nazis and the Holocaust,” she also added, “so I’ll be damned if I let a comedy has-been, peddling a fake Jewish name get the better of me.”

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