Why Pamela Anderson Refuses to Watch Her Documentary

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A new has entered the streaming space with Netflix’s Pamela. This film recounts the whirlwind life of the stunning actress. From her own words, video diaries, and writings, viewers get an intimate inside scoop on the public and private details of her life.

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A Deeper Point Of View

The Broadway star has yet to view the film since its premiere at the end of January. The doc began streaming around the same time that Anderson released her memoir titled “Love, Pamela: A Memoir of Prose, Poetry, and Truth.”

The former Playboy Playmate expressed that she’s been keeping an eye on how the book is “accepted. But I just want to take a little break from it all and see what’s next,” she shared. “It’s a big mystery.”

A Family Experience

Pamela credits her sons for the creation of the film. She wasn’t terribly keen on telling her story, but her boys believed that it could be inspirational to people.

“And they didn’t even know all the gritty details. They obviously were very affected by the tape being stolen and my divorce from Tommy,” she shared with Interview Magazine, referencing her previous marriage and eventual split with Greek-American musician Tommy Lee.

One of her sons, Brandon Thomas, was actually a producer on the project.

Anderson says that she plans on watching the documentary eventually. She just hasn’t figured out when.

The star refuses to watch the Hulu series Pam and Tommy, the biographical drama of her relationship. Neither Pamela nor Tommy were involved with the making of the series and both haven’t said much about whether or not they approve of how the story is being told. 

Pamela, a love story captures the heart of the star’s life. A gentle heart colliding with the whims of fame and spilling out into a true life story. One that surpasses all time.

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