Will Ferrell Has Made His First Movie Since ‘Elf’ Thanks to Ryan Reynolds

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Videos by Rare

For a while, it seemed like Will Ferrell would just stick to Elf when it came to starring in holiday movies. After all, it came out back in 2003, and Ferrell hadn’t been in a holiday movie since.

Until now.

Now, almost 20 years later, Ferrell is starring in Spirited, a Christmas-themed musical directed by Sean Anders, produced by John Morris, and co-starring Ryan Reynolds.

Will Smith in Spirited

Spirited is a comedic take on Charles Dickens’ forever-popular A Christmas Carol.

“You know, I love Sean [Anders] and John [Morris], the filmmakers. I’ve done two other movies with them, but I’d never done a musical before,” Ferrell told ET’s Rachel Smith. “I just thought it was such a different creative reimagining of A Christmas Carol in a way that I’d never heard before in a really smart way a way that could be funny but meaningful.”

Ferrell will play the Ghost of Christmas Present in the movie, opposite Reynolds’ Clint Briggs, based on Scrooge.

“I think the challenge was living up to the complexity of the songs that they had written,” Ferrell reflected. “When you’re singing, I’ve always kind of sang in a comedic way. But when you have to emote feeling and story and everything through the song, it’s a whole other skill level. And so that was like that was crazy.”

So no, he’s no Elf. But it seems Ferrell is about to provide every bit as much holiday fun.

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