Wilmer Valderrama Teases the New ‘Zorro’ Series

Wilmer Valderrama from That 70’s Show revealed he’s going to be starring in the new Zorro series. Yes, the sword-wielding masked avenger is making a comeback. The concept is based on Johnston McCulley’s 1919 famous novel.

The new Zorro series will be produced by Disney Branded Television. However, we don’t know the exact release date yet.

Zorro was first produced as a silent film in 1920 and starring Douglas Fairbanks. Dozens of worldwide remakes and branch-offs came after. Antonio Banderas starred as Zorro in 1998 and 2005.

In an interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore expressed her long-held respect for Valderrama and his balance between family and art.

Valderrama spoke about his family values and why his mom lives next-door. He said his parents made a huge sacrifice when they came to America, which inspired him to invest in the future.

Valderrama bought a big property after making good money on That 70’s Show because he didn’t know if he’d make that kind of money again. He always envisioned having children and “a built-in babysitter.” As it happened, that built-in sitter is now his mom. Valderrama says it’s a very Latino thing.

Barrymore asked if his 14-month-old daughter recognizes his voice in Encanto. Valderrama responded beautifully. He saw himself building a “well of content that looks and sounds like her.” Further, it would help her understand “the relativity of the humanity of [their] family that’s timeless.”

Valderrama compared starring in the new Zorro series to a personal “Mount Everest.” He continued, “this will be a Zorro for this generation…it’ll be incredibly thoughtful with its origin story…grounded in authenticity.”

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