‘Yellowstone’s’ Piper Perabo Says Kevin Costner is a Great at Kissing

Is there anything that Kevin Costner can’t do well?

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It appears that Kevin Costner excels at just about everything: acting, playing music — and, according to an actress with firsthand knowledge, kissing.

Costner’s Yellowstone co-star Piper Perabo apparently has loose lips, making the admission in an interview with TV Guide published online Sunday,  “We actually kissed,” Perabo said, clearing up any misconceptions that the actors didn’t lock actually lock lips because a cowboy hat obscured some of the momentous events in Yellowstone’s Season 5. 

“Have you ever seen actors pretend to drive a car, and you’re like that’s not really how you drive a car?” Perabo added. “It’s the same way with kissing. And I mean, Kevin Costner a pro.”

Perabo theorized that the placement of the hat in the kissing scene was a choice that the Yellowstone creators made. “I think that’s probably why we used a hat,” she said. “Is anybody okay watching anybody kiss their dad?”

Perabo started to appear in Yellowstone last year. Still a part of the cast, she has bagged seven episodes so far. Perabo explained to TV guide that her character and the one played by Kevin Costner have a lot in common.

“He’s really about the loyalty, family, conversation of the land, and on those big issues, he and Summer are kind of on the same page,” she said. Perabo told Yellowstone fans to buckle up for Season 5’s eighth episode, set to premiere Jan. 1.

“I don’t even know what to say,” she said. “So much is coming in” the episode. 

Yellowstone’s TV Dominance

The smash hit Western drama series, which started in 2018, follows the Duttons. They own the largest ranch in Montana, the Yellowstone Dutton ranch — the largest contiguous one in the U.S.

The program often revolves around family drama and conflicts with a neighboring American Indian Reservation, developers, and the national park.

Creator Taylor Sheridan is already working on the script for Season 6 of Yellowstone

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