Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham Set to Launch His Own Bourbon: ‘Bingham’s Bourbon’

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No, there has yet to be new information about the future of Yellowstone, particularly regarding any potential agreement between Kevin Costner and production about the TV’s schedule. The premiere of the second half of season 5, which was originally planned for this summer, has been postponed until November, leaving viewers very anxious as they wait for the season finale.

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Several are speculating about Costner’s involvement in the show, and there are also rumors that Matthew McConaughey may replace him in a new spinoff series.

But, despite the rumors keeping everyone on their toes, we do know that one Yellowstone actor is diving into another venture. Yes, Ryan Bingham, who portrays Walker on the show, is reportedly preparing to introduce his own bourbon brand called “Bingham’s Bourbon,” according to Cowboys & Indians.

Bingham’s Bourbon

As far as the inspiration behind the move, Bingham stated, “At one of my very first gigs in a tiny little Texas bar, the owner told me, ‘Kid, if you can keep people buying drinks, you’ll always have a gig here. So in a way, that made me think as long as people are drinking and enjoying themselves, I’ll still have a job.”

Bingham has also been influenced by trips he’s taken, such as Ireland and Scotland, as he strives to refine the flavor of his bourbon. The ingredients used to produce the bourbon are Texas-grown rye, wheat, barley, and corn, which the singer refers to as the “distilled essence of Texas.” “Enough character to sip by a fire and smooth enough for a shot at the bar with your mates.”

According to the official website, the bourbon is 80-proof with an ABV of 40%.

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“A good friend once told me, take care of your art and your art will take care of you. Authenticity and integrity have always been at the heart of the songs and stories I tell, so when it came to making a whiskey that I could enjoy and share with my friends and fans, I knew the same standards would have to apply as well,” the statement read.

“I’ve spent years travelin’ the world playing honky tonks and bars looking for a whiskey with enough kick and flavor to sip on the rocks, but smooth enough for a celebratory shot at the bar.

After searching high and low I decided to head home to Texas and make my own. I’m proud to now bring you Bingham’s Bourbon.”

There still isn’t a set date for when the bourbon will be released, but you might want to keep your eyes open.

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