‘Everybody Hates Chris’ Producer Told Tyler James Williams That He Would ‘Probably Never Work Again’

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The actor did an interview with GQ about his life in the spotlight. Williams’ work on the popular sitcom Everybody Hates Chris. The show took creative inspiration from Chris Rock’s teenage years.

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Odd Commentary

Williams told GQ that the producer on the show told him “I’ll never see you as anything else and you’ll probably never work again.”

“I was like, ‘Holy s—,” William added, “You really just looked at me and said that.'” The actor did mention that the comment could’ve very well been a joke, he took the comment personally.

He continued to share how quickly he figured out that young actors get pushed into always playing teenage roles for the majority of their career. Williams decided that he wanted a change.

“I realized at 17 that I didn’t like the road I was on,” he explained. “So I decided to stop and pivot. I got with a really good acting coach and I turned down every single thing I was offered.”

Massive Success

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After a break from acting, Chris Tyler reentered the spotlight with a leading role is Dear White People, The Walking Dead, and Criminal Minds. He recently won an Emmy for his role is Abbott Elementary.

When reminiscing on filming Everybody Hates Chris, Williams said, “​​I learned how to carry a show in a matter of two or three months. It’s the most useful information I’ve ever gotten in my life.”

The show is actually set to have its own animated series. The CEO of Paramount pictures released a statement in a press release regarding the new show. 

“Chris Rock is one of the most gifted comedians of all time and we’re excited to partner with him, 3 Arts and CBS Studios to bring this to life and welcome it as the next big hit.”

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