Florence Pugh Sheds a Tear While Eating Spicy Wings on ‘Hot Ones’

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Actress Florence Pugh was literally speechless after tasting the spiciest wings on celebrity interview show, The Hot Ones.

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Guided by host Sean Evans, the Don’t Worry Darling actress at her way through the Scoville scale while answering questions about her film career, food preferences, and early childhood.

The sauce that finally brought Pugh to tears was Da Bomb Beyond Insanity, with a heat rating of 135, 600. As the star dabbed her face with a napkin, she noted that she was sweating profusely from her eyebrows and upper lip.

“It’s like eating battery acid,” she said, later comparing the sauce’s lingering bite to a terrible romance. “He didn’t take me on a date, he wasn’t polite, he didn’t open the car door, nor did he give me his umbrella,” she joked. “Why am I still with him?”

Florence Pugh Tackles Spicy Wings

The Midsommar actress started her interview strong by cleverly avoiding “the one mistake” that other guests seem to make— rubbing their eyes with sauce-contaminated fingers!

“They pick it up with both hands,” she pointed out, opting to keep one of her own hands clean in case she needed to use it.

Though rendered hoarse by the heat, Pugh powered through the remaining questions like a pro. After describing her ideal cheeseboard, she was asked to explain why she’d chosen to play the role of Mary in her school play with a “thick North English accent” at the age of six.

In a final nod to her English roots, Evans surprised the actress with the perfect way to cool down after eating spicy wings: a piping hot pot of tea!

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