Jennifer Lopez Loses It On Paparazzi After Being Locked Out Of Her Gym (Video)

Ben Affleck’s wife found herself locked out of a Los Angeles gym last week for a full 15 seconds, because these are the things TMZ paparazzi film to keep themselves occupied.

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The wife of the Oscar-winning and BAFTA-recognized director, famous more for his work behind the camera than in front of it, found herself being filmed by these useless photographers going both into and out of Tracy Anderson Method Studio.

Jennifer Lopez, Affleck’s wife, is most notable for being a backup dancer on the riotous ‘90s TV hit In Living Color, a groundbreaking sketch comedy show known for launching the careers of the Wayans Brothers and the legendary Jim Carrey.  Affleck’s wife found moderate success about 25 to 30 years ago when she starred in the biopic Selena about Tejano singing legend Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, who was tragically murdered by a fan at the young age of 23.  She also had a hit or two on the radio back in the 1990s.

Anyway, Affleck married her, and now the paparazzi follow her around, apparently waiting for her to shout out an expletive as one would expect from anybody who was born and raised in the Bronx.  And they got what they wanted, as one photographer shouted out to her and she responded by telling the guy to self-copulate.

But you know what, these TMZ paparazzi freaks deserved the outburst.  They filmed her waiting for a full 15 seconds as she stood patiently by the front door for it to be unlocked.  And then they’re waiting for her out back of the gym to film her getting into her car.  When she tells them off, TMZ has the nerve to make the headline, “Jennifer Lopez Ticked after Gym Door Lockout.”

See that clip below…

Honestly, I’d be ticked off, too.  However, a large reason Affleck’s wife is even known these days is because the paparazzi keep following her around.  She probably appreciates how TMZ is keeping her relevant in the minds of Americans who think a veterinarian is somebody who doesn’t eat meat.

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