Johnny Depp Could Not Contain Himself As Testimony Oddly Continues

The on-going court saga with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continued to play out Monday in Virginia as psychologist Dr. David Spiegel took the stage.

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What should have been an expert witness testimony turned into a sideshow for an already ridiculous situation. The trial has already experienced people lining up for wristbands to attend, Heard saying Depp ‘tried to kill her‘, and a revelation of drowning texts. We have had ex’s weigh in during the mudslinging.

Now, this:

The doctor took the stand to testify on Monday, and he made one of the most ridiculous claims in a long time — at least during a high-profile trial.

Spiegel made the claim that he evaluated Depp’s cognitive abilities based on watching his films.

This is as preposterous as it sounds and was met with the correct amount of skepticism.

It was also met with a tremendous cross examination, which resulted in Depp and his team getting a good chuckle.

Depp’s attorney, Wayne Dennison, wandered aloud if Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was part of his professional evaluation.

While Speigel did not have an actual answer for this, his dry mouth… smacking… and rambling were enough for Depp and his team to break from their normal gaze and get a good laugh in.

Spiegel knew he was painted into a corner and confirmed that he needed to reply, to which the confused judge let him know, “You have to answer questions. Yes, sir.”

Just when you thought this couldn’t get weirder…

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