Johnny Depp Returns To The Stand, Calls Heard Accusations “Insane”

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Actor Johnny Depp found himself back on the stand Wednesday, May 25 as a rebuttal witness in his lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

When asked about accusations of sexual and physical abuse levied against him, Depp said that they were “insane,” among other things.

“Ridiculous, humiliating, ludicrous, painful, savage, unbelievably brutal, cruel, and all false,” Depp said.

Both he and Heard each testified extensively earlier in the libel suit. Today was his chance to refute some of what she said about him. Which he did, even if it was not all serious all the time.

Depp, when asked by his attorney, how he felt when Heard took out a restraining order against him, he replied bluntly: “It changed everything.”

Heard’s lawyer immediately raised an objection for “relevance,” and Depp let out a Jack Sparrow-esque: “Oh, it didn’t change everything?”

When Depp was scolded for the outburst, he deadpanned, “I’m sorry. Tourette’s.”

He was, however, forced to give very specific responses to several strongly corroborating stories Heard and her sister, Whitney Henriquez, made against him. The two had multiple accusations that resinated with many and he was forced to account for them.

To close, he made an impactful statement.

“No human being is perfect, certainly not, none of us. But I have never in my life committed sexual battery, physical abuse, all these outlandish, outrageous stories of me committing these things,” he said. “So this is not easy for any of us, I know that. But no matter what happens, I did get here and I did tell the truth and I have spoken up for what I have been carrying on my back reluctantly for six years.”

This was expected to be the last time Depp takes the stand as arguments are scheduled to conclude on Friday, May 27. The jury will then deliberate until they can agree on a verdict.

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