Leah Remini Blames Scientology for Covering Up Sex Abuse After Danny Masterson’s Mistrial

The actor posted vitriolic tweets on Wednesday after a judge declared a mistrial in Masterson’s rape case.

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Leah Remini lashed out at Scientology on Wednesday after a judge declared a mistrial in Danny Masterson’s rape case.

A Los Angeles state judge called the mistrial earlier in the day. Jurors said they couldn’t break a deadlock, according to CNN.

Remini, the King of Queens actor who is also probably Scientology’s most vocal critic, posted a very long response to the development.

Effectively, Remini said she’s still hoping Masterson will be put behind bars. She also said it was reassuring that the court quickly set a date for a new trial.

“My heart breaks for the woman who have courageously and tirelessly fought for justice over five years,” Remini wrote on Twitter. “For years, they have been targeted and harassed by Scientology and its agents. They have also been targeted and harassed by their family members and friends who remained in Scientology.”

Masterson, who starred in That ‘70s Show, is facing criminal rape charges in L.A.

Three women have come forth accusing Masterson of raping them and possibly drugging them between 2001 and 2003. At the time, they allegedly attended the Church of Scientology.

If found guilty, Masterson may face 45 years in prison to life.

Leah Remini Lashes Out

Remini on Wednesday insinuated that it’s not just Masterson on trial but Scientology’s policies.

“Scientology will completely destroy your life if you dare to go to civil authorities, like the [Los Angeles Police Department] or FBI,” she alleged. “And you will lose everything from your family, friends, and job overnight.

“These women did what they were told to do. They reported their rapes to internal Scientology authorities. And after they did that, they were not only blamed and abused; they were told that they weren’t raped and ordered never to use the word ‘rape’ again.”

Remini also called out Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige.

“I know you read my tweets,” she additionally claimed. “There is nothing you can do to intimidate me into silence and I will not stop fighting you and the evil, criminal enterprise you control.”

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