Meri Brown Says She’s Been in ‘a Challenging Place’ After Letting ‘Outside Voices’ Influence Her


Meri Brown has revealed that she is going through a difficult period following her split from Kody Brown.

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New Revelations

Meri, aged 52, posted a video on TikTok on Sunday in which she spoke about how she is still learning to live without letting other people’s opinions influence her. She also shared her struggles with feeling judged.

The clip began with Brown sharing a quote from motivational speaker Mel Robbins.  “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”

Brown went on to discuss how outside influences have impacted her. “I think so many times we let the voices of everybody else but ourselves get in our head and influence what we think and how we feel,” she shared.

“I think it’s really easy to let social media comments or just other people’s opinions affect your mood [and] affect your productivity,” she continued.

She also shared how she had “not mastered” ignoring the judgements of others, adding “I don’t have a magic formula and outside voices still get in my head.”

Regulating Emotions

She said she deals with her emotions by feeling them all and going outdoors.

“I’ve kind of been in a place recently where I’ve been allowing the opinions and the judgments and actions of others to kind of get in my head,” she stated. “And it’s kind of brought me to a little bit of a challenging place.”

“So what I do in those moments is come to a place that brings me peace,” she added, moving the camera toward a grove of trees. “And I just allow myself to feel the feelings with no judgment for myself.”

“There is way too much judgment from others. We don’t need it from ourselves. Worthy up friends. We got this,” she concluded.

She captioned the post: “No magic formula. Just feel all the feels. #WorthyUp #GreatnessBeginsToday”

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