One ‘Barnwood Builders’ Location Already Identified For 2023

One of reality-TV series’ new episodes will take place at Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantsville, Maryland.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The team behind Magnolia Network’s Barnwood Builders series already picked one of the spots for its 13th season.

One of reality-TV series’ new episodes will take place at Spruce Forest Artisan Village in Grantsville, Maryland. The Garrett County Republican, a newspaper covering news in that state, ran the news late last month.

Nick Condes, a member of the show’s production company, reportedly shed some light on the decision to shoot at the village.

“We’ve been driving through … that part of the Maryland panhandle for years, on our way to West Virginia or Pennsylvania. April marked our first Maryland job, which allowed to finally have the time to come and visit Spruce Village.”

Condes added that they want “to see and showcase some of the amazing artisans and craftspeople” behind Grantsville.

Magnolia hasn’t yet release a premiere date for the next season of Barnwood Builders. But according to The Garrett County Republican, a batch of new episodes are on the way.

The Story Behind Barnwood Builders‘ Success

The first season of the home-living reality-TV show aired in November 2013. While originally released via Magnolia, it is also part of the Discovery/DIY Network family, per the show’s website.

Barnwood Living revolves around Mark Bowe and his crew of master craftsmen. They salvage antique barns and cabins, and reuse them to help redo other buildings and homes.

A description on Barnwood Living’s website states: “You choose your contractor or builder, we send the walls and you make your dream cabin just the way you want it!” 

Bowe not only stars in the show but hosts it as well.

“He and his longtime crew have won the hearts of loyal viewers who celebrate the forgotten arts and pioneer ingenuity they work hard to preserve,” the Barnwood Living website says. “Commanding over 1 million households each Sunday evening, the crew’s antics and ability to transcend politics, religion, and class to connect with real Americans, no matter their walk of life. [That aspect of the show] secures the popularity of this docuseries to the popularity of this docuseries that remains the most-watched show in the DIY network’s history.”

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