Rep For Johnny Depp Denies Rumors Of ‘Pirates’ Return

Right when we thought the days of Johnny Depp playing with our emotions were over, we are once again proven wrong. News broke recently that Depp was slated to return as Jack Sparrow to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. But now, Depp’s spokesperson is saying the rumors are false.

Depp’s Rep Says The Rumors Are False

Depp’s spokesperson told Fox New Digital that Depp was not approached with an offer for $301 Million in order to return for Pirates 6.

The rumor started with Australian gossip magazine Poptopic, via a June 7 article titled, “Johnny Depp USD$301 Million Disney deal revealed?!” The publication said that an insider let them in on this intel. Less than three weeks later, the rumor caught on like wildfire. But it turns out that no, it’s not true.

The $301 Million offer was made to sound as if Disney was offering an extra $1 Million above what Depp swore under oath he would not accept. He’d claimed that he’d never return to the Pirates franchise, even if offered $300 Million and a million alpacas.

The Poptopic rumor also claimed that Disney+ was considering creating an entire TV series about Jack Sparrow in his younger years.

The Rumor Also Mentioned A TV Series

Many have petitioned Disney to return Johnny Depp to the Pirates franchise after he was unceremoniously dropped due to what he attributes as bad publicity. Depp and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, were enmeshed in a years-long accusatory battle than landed them in a 6-week trial. Depp was suing Heard for defaming him due to a Washington Post op-ed and Heard countersued Depp.

The jury eventually found both actors guilty of some form of defamation, awarding Depp $10.35 Million and Heard $2 Million. The internet has decided that this means that Depp officially won the battle, although Heard is intending on appealing the decision after failing to come to a settlement with Depp.

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