‘The Conners’ Bring Back Fan Favorite To Reprise ‘Roseanne’ Role

Christopher Lloyd is coming back to television as he is set to reprise his Roseanne role Lou in an upcoming episode of The Conners.

Lloyd, now 83, appears in the upcoming The Conners episode “The Best Laid Plans, A Contrabassoon and A Sinking Feeling,” according to a report in Deadline. The outlet also published a photo of Lloyd with series star John Goodman.

According to the description, the episode finds Darlene (Sara Gilbert) struggling with construction stress. After a serious accident, she re-evaluates her life and makes a major decision. Lou returns as a combative contrabassoon teacher for Mark (Ames McNamara), where after butting heads with Mark, Dan tries to help the situation but discovers they have similarities.

This marks a recent run of revelation for Lloyd who is also signed on to make a horror movie about the Spirit Halloween stores. He also landed a role in The Mandalorian Season 3 that was announced last month.

Lloyd’s roles of Lou was not part of the original Roseanne run but rather in an episode of the 2018 revival, “No Country for Old Women.”

In the episode he appeared as a new boyfriend for Roseanne and Jackie’s mother, Beverly (Estelle Parsons). As many know the 2018 revival was canceled after ABC fired Roseanne Barr for her allegedly racist tweets. That show was replaced by The Conners.

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    • I gave it a chance cause it’s a spin off and it is really boring. The actors can’t act. Especially Becky character. They made Jackie just an old crazy nut job. Darlene and kids are too sensitive to EVERYTHING! (CONSTRUCTION STRESS) REALLY?!. She chose to demolish a perfectly good house cause it was a sad place. I am really surprised it lasted as long as it has.

  1. I havent watched it since they fired roseanne. But hey maybe she should have slapped somebody.. The people on the show forget who made the show, so they could be employed.. Or theyd be forgotten

    • I totally agree with you in this comment. Maybe they did forget who made the show and who basically employed them!

  2. “Roseanne” was actually the main character in the TV series. Even after what she did, whether people believe she was wrong or right, the sitcom was basically based on her. With the spin off of “the conners” I chose not to watch it cause I like “Roseanne.” The new series isn’t that great and then to have “Peggy, from “married with children” kinda replace “Roseanne” was just dumb. The series back then was great and funny, but the series now without “Roseanne” in it is “Not even worth watching!!!

  3. To the ones that fired Roseanne, I wonder if in your whole life have you ever said or done something that you wish you could take back? She apologized what else did you want, blood? I find it amazing that you fired Roseanne because you were afraid that if you didn’t that people would stop watching the show because of what she said but people stopped watching because you fired her. So who was in charge of that decision? Maybe you should have been fired for making a stupid decision. We all make mistakes though I guess. Are you getting it now?

  4. I also stopped watching the show after she was fired. I don’t condone what she said, but she is human, we all make mistakes in life.

  5. I love Roseanne. The Conners not funny as Roseanne was real stand up comedian. Since she was “punished” others on TV, specifically The View, have said much worse and are still on TV!

  6. To all the “i don’t watch since Roseanne was fired” the reboot was nothing like the original show which was different (for it’s time & usually funny). The Conners is very similar to the reboot in that its not funny, all the actors are a bit slower & just not that funny. However, I watch for the sake of nostalgia & could care less that Roseanne is not part of the show. She quickly learned that it’s not 30 years ago & nobody cares about her or her bs political leanings whether left (as it originally was) or right. Good riddance

  7. So Roseanne got fired for racist comment yet whoopy Goldberg can say racist comments on the view and keep her job just don’t understand that ????? Do you gave a answer or excepillination for that ??

  8. So I think that they should have another dream and Roseann reappears! I think she could have been suspended maybe. I still watch the episodes thru season 5 regularly. The conners are just ok. It gives me something to look forward to watching at least. We are at a difficult time in the world. There is a bill signed for not using the word “gay” but as african american’s still do not have permanent rights to vote.
    I stand with Roseanne Valerie really does favor an ape. I don’t think she should have said it, because it is mean, its like speaking with out filtering! She didnt realize it was or could be seen as racist!

  9. The show ended when they got rid of “Roseanne”. I was so looking forward to the remake of a wonderful show and because of a one insensitive remark she was gone. The writers could have used that in a episode to highlight the damage that someones words can cause. The show was always touching on sensitive issues of the time and showing how what we say and do can affect other, and through that cause us to look at ourselves and maybe change. The characters on “The Conners” are not anything like they were on “Roseanne”. Darlene who was always so self assured, now anything but. Becky who was always pretty mature, now a immature middle aged woman. Jackie is just a nut job, and Dan remarried to a woman who smokes pot, and is everything Roseanne was not, totally unbelievable Nope, just don’t like the show at all. “Roseanne” was a class act, true to America family show. “The Conners” is all over the place and just a load of crap

  10. The characters on the Connors have turned into caricatures of their former selves. It’s painful to watch so I very seldom do.

  11. She said jarrett looked like the female ape from planet of the apes

    She does look like her… it’s funny..and true
    Thats not tweets..thats one tweet ..

    People have done and said far worse…whoopi comes to mind.

    If u are a republican in hollywood .u are a marked person

    The Connors sucks…period

    • As I’m reading the comments I can smell that awful stink of pro racism bigotry and more likely Trump supporters and frankly I’m sick of it you sir and others with your views are the ones who truly suck !!! And major balls at that smdh🤨😒 🤦🏿‍♂️

  12. Yeah, I’ve stopped watching the show too after Roseanne left. I wish she had kept her big fat mouth shut though, so she wouldn’t have been fired. Same with Charlie Sheen and “2 and a Half Men”, the show stinks without the main character.

    It’s like when Larry Hagman died and the new “Dallas” just fizzled out- there’s no point to watching the show when the best character is gone.

  13. I honestly tried to watch that show without Roseanne. Just can’t do it. It is awful. Once great actors gone to s_it. It’s evident that they don’t care and it’s just a paycheck. Why can’t they rewrite story. Roseanne had accidental o d. and has bn in coma. She comes out. Wah-Lah we got our ROSEANNE 👍🤗. If not ..Ms.Roseanne…if you want to make a whole new show from your murder on the old show,then there’s enough viewers to Go Fund Roseanne’s new show,” Rosie’s Veiw From Heaven.”

  14. As I’m reading the comments I can smell that awful stink of pro racism and more likely Trump supporters smdh 🤦🏿‍♂️
    Hey I’m not going to lie at first I was very skeptical on the future of the series, but I’m glad they recovered and move forward with or it without a bigot tarnishing and affecting everybody especially the fans of the show . And for those who don’t like lt ..so what!!!!… Hey more for me and others fans who realized one monkey don’t stop no show. Besides the show is doing just fine with or without them💯%

    • You sir are delusional, and you seem pretty racist yourself ! I smell a Biden supporter wink wink, don’t let your hate for white people ruin the country… You people always have to bring up Trump supporters like everybody that cares about America or flies an American flag is a trump supporting racist, go crawl back in the hole you seeped out of 😂

  15. The last few years of the original STUNK and Roseanne was the reason because her character became just rude, classless, and unfunny ….lthis show stunk even when Roseanne was there….face it it had it’s run and it is OVER!!….she really was very funny at the beginning of the original!!

  16. The whole entire show was classless,rude, unethical!
    BUT you can’t deny the fact that the show was actually based on REAL issues that families go through! Not no dumb unrealistic crab that other shows had going on at the time!
    I still watch the re-runs, and yes I agree that lady did look like an ape!

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