Tom Cruise Is Completely Ignoring Will Smith After Oscar’s Slap

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Tom Cruise is having one of the best years of his life. ‘Top Gun: Maverick‘ may have saved the movie business from non-stop Marvel rethreads.

Will Smith, conversely, is not. His slapping of Chris Rock at The Oscar’s was the story of the year for all the wrong reasons.

Now, it is being reported, that Smith is nearly begging for Cruise to revive his career. A cry for help that Cruise is also reportedly ignoring.

“Will has approached Tom several times trying to reconnect and see if they can hang out and brainstorm on some projects together,” Radar Online reported.

“A solid movie with Tom would guarantee Will’s comeback, or so he thinks.

“Will has even offered to fly to London if that’s more convenient, but Tom isn’t biting and doesn’t even write him back, he’s not going to be stupid enough to put his neck on the line and be dragged down by association.”


Is being left on read worse than any other punishment handed out to Will Smith?

The unnamed insider said that Cruise is not just hesitant about Smith, it is the entire industry has him slowly distancing.

“Tom is still very wary of any Hollywood friendships,” the report continued. “He doesn’t want to get sucked back into the Hollywood scene, especially by way of Will Smith.”

What do you think?

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