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Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Baywatch fans may remember one hottie who graced the small screen with her smoking looks. Patty Breton, full name Patricia Yanet Cornwall, played Petra. Patty appeared on Baywatch Season 7 Episode 2, “The Contest,” which first aired September 30, 1996. It was her second TV appearance, and also her last, before she went on to play herself for Playboy.

Prior to appearing on Baywatch, Patty also appeared on one episode of Married With Children. On Season 10 Episode 17, “Calendar Girl,” Patty played a character dubbed as “Pilgrim Girl.” That was seven months prior to going on to her lone Baywatch episode.

Patty Breton Cornwall Went From Daytime TV to Playboy Videos

The progression of typecasting seemed to beeline towards characters with sex appeal, so it’s no surprise that Patty left daytime television to pose for Playboy. She starred as herself in two movies, both released in 1997.

1997 was the year of the DVD, so Playboy was releasing their videos on VHS and DVD at the time. If you try to find a digital version of either of these movies, you’re going to be hard pressed to find them. However, a deep search produced teasers for both films: Women Behaving Badly and Cheerleaders.

Patty played “herself” in both Playboy films and alongside Carmen Electra in Cheerleaders. Her segment in Women Behaving Badly was called “All Wet.”

“Guys, it’s time to face up to the facts,” says the male narrator. “Women are asserting themselves as never before. They’re turning the tables, taking control, and always coming out on top… When it comes to driving men wild, these women just can’t help themselves.

“Let this awe-inspiring collection tease you, tantalize you, and seduce you. You’ll soon discover that when these women are naughty, it’s awfully nice…”

Cheerleaders seems a little less raunchy, but again, it is Playboy. Its teaser trailer is a little sillier than Women Behaving Badly. But almost every pose is a woman in a cheerleader outfit, bending over and showing her panties. So, you get the idea.

Patty Breton was an actual cheerleader prior to getting into Hollywood. She was a Raiderette for the Las Vegas Raiders in the early 90s. She went from cheerleader to two television episodes to two Playboy videos and then — became a real estate agent.

But you may know Patty Breton under an entirely different “alias.”

Remember Delta Karen?

Patty actually went viral in 2021 amid the COVID pandemic when she assaulted a man on a Delta flight the day before Christmas Eve. The Delta flight from Tampa, Florida to Atlanta, Georgia made social media rounds after Patty likened herself to Rosa Parks and then made a huge scene while screaming at another passenger.

Patty, who is identified by federal court records as “Cornwall,” got up to go the bathroom and couldn’t return to her seat because of a beverage service cart. When the flight attendant asked Patty to wait in the back, she responded, “What am I Rosa Parks?”  

The other passenger —an elderly man—responded to Patty and said that she  “isn’t black….this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus.”

Patty Breton Assaulted an Elderly Man Because He Called Her “Karen”

Patty, who was allegedly intoxicated, ended up taunting the man and hit him repeatedly while screaming at him to put his mask on. Ironically, Patty’s mask was down around her neck while this was happening. The man kept calling Patty “Karen,” which seemed to set her off. She punched him and spat in his face. The man told her she was definitely going to go to jail when they landed —and she did.

Yes, unsurprisingly, the ordeal landed her in jail, where she remained over the Christmas holiday until a judge released her on Dec. 27 with a $20,000 bond. She was also prohibited from drug or alcohol use and banned from common airlines, with the exception of the plane she needed to take to get home to Los Angeles.

Most recently, it’s been reported that Patty, who is divorced and has two children living in the U.K., was looking for a roommate. On a listing, she posted that she was moving to Florida.

“Moving from California,” she wrote. “I am single divorced and have two grown children who are overseas in UK. I have been practicing residential real estate for 13 years in Los Angeles/Westside.” She added, “I have also lived in Florida in the past few years and I’m excited to reintroduce Florida back into my life permanently. Renting a room will be a great start settling me in.”

Alright, so Patty Breton Cornwall’s progression of fame probably differed from the typical ideal trajectory. But there you have it.

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