‘Yellowstone’ Prequel ‘1923’ Returning, But Creator Taylor Sheridan Says It’s Not a Second Season

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While Season Two of 1923 will feel like a second season, it’s really just a continuation of Season One, says series creator Taylor Sheridan.

But no matter how Sheridan or anyone else spins it, fans of the Yellowstone prequel are just thrilled that it’s returning. 1923 stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, and both seemingly have confirmed their returns.

The first “season” was eight episodes, and there are still eight more to go, Sheridan told Deadline. It became official on May 10.

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Sheridan, of course, is not only the creator of Yellowstone and 1923, but also of the prequel 1883. All are available via Paramount+. Along with that,. Sheridan created Mayor of Kingstown, starring Jeremy Renner, as well Tulsa King, featuring Sylvester Stallone.


Yellowstone has been the biggest hit of the bunch — and perhaps the most-popular series ever to hit streaming. It is now coming to an end in Season 5, due out likely in the fall, as we relayed here.

But there is more season to 1923, too.

“This one is different than 1883 where I had the whole thing blocked out in my head,” Sheridan said, Deadline. “This one, I had no idea what I was going to do. I just went on a journey myself and I’m the one that made the call to the network, which is probably the greatest call they ever got. Hey, I need to make more episodes to finish this story. I need to do this in two blocks. An eight episode block and a second eight episode block to wrap this up. I can’t wrap it up in two episodes and do the story justice. For them, it is great because they get more content. For me, I get more runway.”

A release date for the final eight episodes of 1923 has yet to be announced.

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