A World War II veteran has been carrying around a thank you letter from a little girl for two years. He was handed the letter in Washington, D.C. after an Honor Flight. He never knew where it came from, until now.

97-year-old Ray Ruoff was finally able to connect with the 12-year-old girl, Anderson Hamilton, this week. He says the letter is dear to him.

“A little girl like this to write a letter for a service member, you certainly appreciate it,” veteran Ray Ruoff told WCMH.

Columbus, Ohio station WCMH posted a story about Ruoff’s love for the letter. A family friend read it, connected the dots and reached out to the station.

Hamilton wrote the letter on Veterans Day in 2013 when she was just 10-years-old. She didn’t know who would receive it. It turns out, she and Ruoff live just miles apart from each other.

“I’m not only honored to meet you, but I’m truly blessed to be able to talk to you and share my excitement of how much you mean to me,” Hamilton told Ruoff.

The two plan to meet again soon.

97-year-old World War II veteran finally meets girl behind his most prized possession Screenshot/WCMH
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