As Americans, we tend to talk a lot about supporting our troops.  But how often do we actually go out of our way to help them when they actually need it?

Morgan Wheeler is a 21-year-old who works at a veterinary hospital in West Virginia. She shared an encounter she recently had with a disabled veteran who was struggling to get into the grocery store, and by the end of their time together, this veteran was in tears. What she did for him was a relatively small act of kindness, but when was the last time anyone showed this man any attention or bothered to ask if he needed help, or even just a friend? And while her post has since gone viral, Wheeler doesn’t feel like what she did should be special. Instead, she hopes it inspires more people to help others in need.

A 21-year-old girl made a disabled veteran cry, and you won’t believe the reason why Morgan Wheeler / Facebook
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