A Coast Guard Academy instructor just became a millionaire thanks to the Powerball lottery AP

Lt. Andrew Norberg had never played the lottery before. But when he saw how high the Powerball prize had risen, he couldn’t help but buy a ticket. And even though he didn’t win the jackpot, it still turned out to be a very good decision, because he’s now one million dollars richer.

Norberg teaches nautical sciences at the Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, and at first, he didn’t realize he had won anything. One of his coworkers informed him that he was a winner — he didn’t get the Powerball, but he did have five matching numbers. That meant a $1 million prize. And it was good timing: he’s getting married in April, so he says that some of his winnings will go towards his wedding and honeymoon. His fiance is also in the Coast Guard, and they’re considering sailing around the Mediterranean with their winnings. He also plans to put some towards his retirement, and donate some more. As for how he feels now that he’s won? “I’m pretty happy after this.”

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