Richard Jones served in the Army during the Vietnam War and on the streets of Chicago as a police officer. Jones knows a thing or two about heroism and combat. But, it was on the quiet, tree-lined streets of his own Illinois neighborhood where the veteran found himself beaten and bruised.

Jones and his wife were returning home when a driver sped by, narrowly missing them. Jones got out of his car and told the man to slow down. That warning led to a confrontation between Jones and the driver, 21-year-old Michael Seno, that ended with Seno brutally beating Jones.

Jones said he just wanted to remind the man to watch his speed because children play in the area. Police later arrested Seno and charged him with misdemeanor battery.

Jones’ wife told WLS-TV that she’s “never seen my husband like that. And he’s been through war.”

A neighbor captured the aftermath of the beating on his cell phone and Seno admits to the beating. Jones was left with two black eyes, a broken nose, and bruises.

Warning: Audio NSFW

A veteran took a severe beating in his own neighborhood and it was all caught on film Screenshot/WLS
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