Deputies Fake Traffic Stop to Surprise a Family with a Military Homecoming

via Clay County Sheriff's Office

With everything going on this year in the United States regarding racism and police brutality, along with dealing with COVID-19 precautions, I’m sure this family had their reservations when they got pulled over. However, much to their delight, they were actually in for one of the greatest surprises any military family could ask for.

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Curtis Kimber contacted and asked the Clay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida to help him out with surprising his three kids with their military mom’s homecoming. Petty Officer Janea Kimber, the military mom to be honored, was finally coming home after being away for several months, and her husband did the most to tell his kids that their mom was home.

The family’s dashcam video shows the police officers pull over the family while they were driving for a fake traffic stop. The video cuts to the inside of a cop car, to which man’s voice, one of the Florida deputies, is heard saying, “Are they ready now?”

The Florida officers’ fake traffic stop played out so well, as they intensified the atmosphere by asking, “Is there any lawful reason you may not have used your blinker coming out of Walmart?” Obviously, everyone inside the car is nervous as the sheriff’s office is questioning their dad. They were just coming out of Walmart listening to “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X.

They continue to talk as if this was an actual pullover by law enforcement. The deputy explains that because the father’s license is not coming back, that the family needs to exit the vehicle “real quick.” I’m sure this family was freaking out internally, especially with all the craziness that has happened this year.

The deputy proceeds to ask if the father is military, to which the father confirms. The deputy then calms everyone’s nerves by explaining that there’s nothing wrong with the father’s license and him being military might be the reason why he can’t “find his license.”

Suddenly, the deputy then shouts in the midst of the tense situation, “Excuse me, do ya’ll know this person?” to which the military mom in US military fatigues steps out of the cop car. The kids scream in delight of the happy surprise, immediately running to her to embrace her with big hugs. I’m sure this family’s day was made, and it’s these kinds of stories we want to hear in the midst of everything that’s been happening.

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