Here’s how these two Air Force veterans became lifetime buddies Rare/Rumble Screenshot

Two Air Force veterans have become lifelong friends.

Former U.S. Air Force Sr. Airman and Fans 1st Media’s Scott Markle and U.S. Air Force Sr. Airman Paul Holder sat down with Rare to talk about their experience joining the military, and how it changed their lives.

Markle discussed his first time meeting Holder at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia and recalled hearing about Holder jumping out a airplane.

“I had a much harder landing than I would have expected,” Holder told Rare.

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Both Markle and Holder talked about how why they joined the Air Force, what their roles were and where they were stationed.

“We both did Traffic Management Logistics, so we were basically in shipping and receiving. We were like the UPS of the Air Force,” Markle said.

Markle then touched on his experience while stationed in South Korea for roughly 18 months.

“Every young person should spend a little time living outside of the U.S., and really get an appreciation for another culture.”

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“For me, I really went in just completely undisciplined,” Markle said of his experience joining the Air Force.

After four years in the Air Force, Markle said he became more focused and had more self-discipline. Markle discussed how Holder has become a lifelong friend and how he was the best man at both his weddings.

“I think for me one of things I got out of the military service was that deep appreciation for living in the United States, and what it means to live in this really great place we have.”

Speaking of his own experiences at different places, Holder said he would love more young people to join the military to get a better understanding of what it takes and have more appreciation for those who served.

Holder talked about the overall sacrifice it took for many to serve and be away from their loved ones.

“I think that when you go through that experience and you witness that, it gives you such an appreciation for what we are and what we have — and all that. And I just can’t overstate that,” Holder said.

Melissa Gotleib is a content editor at Rare.
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