When you think of patriotic celebrities, most people think of country artists. But, hard core rappers? Not so much. But thanks to Lil Wayne, that might be changing.

Wayne was on a private jet, about to depart from Indianapolis International Airport, when he saw a C-130 next to his plane. He watched as 30 Marines filed out, and so he decided to do something special. He told his pilot to stop the plane, even though they had already been delayed and had only just resumed takeoff. He then headed into the lobby, where he greeted every single Marine on the plane, shaking their hands, telling them thank you, and taking pictures with them.

The entire encounter was witnessed by Amanda Cooper Lickliter, who snapped a photo of Wayne with one of the Marines. After sharing it to her Facebook page, the story quickly went viral. But Lickliter pointed out that there was no press around when Wayne took the time to greet the Marines. There was nothing to gain for him in doing this, beyond showing his gratitude to a group of Marines. Apparently, Lil Wayne knows who the real heroes in this world are.

Lil Wayne saw a group of service members when his plane was about to take off, and what he did next was incredible Facebook
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