Content Warning: The videos and images featured in this story depict graphic violence

A Norwegian war veteran who joined the Kurdish Peshmerga military forces to fight ISIS is gaining a large following on the Instagram account where he shares the gruesome reality of war.

Little is known about the man behind the account labeled “peshmerganor.” He was born in Iraq but at a young age became a Kurdish refugee to Norway. He joined the Norwegian military and fought in Afghanistan. In 2015, he left the military to go join the effort against ISIS, The Daily Caller reports. He was dubbed “Mike” by Norwegian newspapers.

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In a January interview, he explained, “My goal is to be a part of fighting the ISIS terrorists. I don’t know when the offensive against Mosul starts, but I am ready.”

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To the rest of Western media, he is “the Badass Viking” who went rogue against ISIS. His videos, pictures and online comments share harrowing events, victories, his love of new guns and the daily grind of being on the front line. His videos and pictures of what he and the Kurdish military are doing to ISIS have attracted over 60 thousand followers on Instagram.

Check out video below:

To fund his one man crusade, “Mike” is now fundraising online by selling t-shirts with epic designs and images.

Meet the badass Norwegian veteran fighting ISIS and see the Instagram account where he shares the gory details Instagram/peshmerganor Screenshot
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