This Army Vet Is ‘Walking’ For the First Time Since Iraq Injury

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Meet U.S. Army veteran Richard Neider. He comes from a long line of family members who have also served their country.

His father, uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather are all veterans. But Neider’s own time in the army was cut tragically short.

In 2005, the soldier was injured while serving in Iraq. During an incident involving an improvised explosive device, Neider’s spinal-cord was damaged.

The accident left him unable to walk without the help of a cane or walker; over the years his injury continued to worsen.

He was no longer able to move without a wheelchair.

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Nedier feared he’d never walk again. 

Now, ten years later… he’s taking steps thanks to a robotic machine.

The machine has sensors that detect when a person shifts their weight.

It also has a motor to help them walk.

Here’s what Neider had to say about the device 

“I can’t ever stop smiling when I’m in it,” he said. “It’s complete independence, being able to be on my feet, be eye-to-eye with everybody.”

Neider isn’t the only one who is benefiting from this technology.

Veterans affairs is covering the $75,000 cost of the rewalk for qualified patients.

Neider says the device has changed his outlook on life. “To be able to get up and actually see my feet moving, it’s one of the most amazing experiences for me.”

Along with walking, Neider has already set a new goal.

Next year, he plans to take the rewalk in his sidecar on a charity motorcycle ride alongside fellow combat veterans.

“I’ll have legs and be able to walk with everybody instead of rolling with everybody!”

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