This Marine had one wish when he was in the hospital, and his fellow Marines delivered in a big way YouTube Screenshot

Bobby Diaz is a Korean War veteran who served in the Marine Corps. The 79-year-old veteran recently suffered a massive stroke, and, three weeks into his recovery, had only one wish: for his family to find some of his old Marine Corps buddies to be with him in the hospital. A few social media posts later, his wish was granted in a BIG way. Word quickly spread, and Houston-area Marines, where Diaz is hospitalized, did all they could to get the word out.

It worked. Diaz has since received over 100 visits from his fellow Marines, with “Semper Fi” being one of the most popular greetings. Most of the Marines have never met Diaz before, but they still came to give him their time. Some of them brought gifts as well. “It just goes to show you,” Diaz said. “Marine Corps: once a brother, always a brother, no matter what.” But the Marines weren’t done yet. They found out that another service member was in the hospital a few rooms down from Diaz, and they “stormed” his room, too.

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