This Navy SEAL Shows No Mercy to ‘Stolen Valor Turd’ Pretending to Have Served

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One Navy SEAL was not having it when someone in his presence lied about his past military service.

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Mitch Aguiar was at a restaurant when he overheard the stories. It was a man at a table near him who began claiming that he used to be a Navy SEAL. Aguiar quickly became suspicious of the man’s story and decided to get to the bottom of it.

“I was at a diner in Los Angles for lunch and was doing an Instagram live broadcast,” he wrote in the video description. “I overheard the conversation of the two men sitting next to me. The one guy was telling the other he used to be a Navy SEAL. I have encountered many people impersonating SEALs in the past; so I figured I would ask him a few questions. (I wanted to) confirm whether or not he was indeed a SEAL or a Stolen Valor Turd.”

During the interaction, which was caught on video in Aguiar’s nearly 12-minute live-stream, the Navy SEAL asks the impostor a series of questions until it becomes evident that the man is making up the whole tale.

Viewers supported him!

Some viewers left comments on the video indicating that they felt Aguiar went to far and should have just ignored the liar, with one veteran even saying he was “embarrassed and ashamed” of his behavior. However, at least one person seemed to understand how offensive it is for someone to pretend they’ve put their live on the line in front of someone who actually did.

“SEAL’s get angry at stolen valor because of the sacrifice they made to earn their own,” the YouTube user wrote. “They have brothers that die for each other. It isn’t about fame. It’s about respect.”

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